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Whats a Wolf? 

Its a very Hi-Spec British Army ( And the Dutch army ) Land Rover it repalced the old N/D 90 and 110 models from the late 90's.

Now here at Landybitz we love all ( Well most Land Rovers ) and consider the Wolf to be a better alternative to the standard Perentie Land Rover.  Perenties are getting very expensive, some would say they still offer excellent value for money, for a basic simple to fix 30 plus year old Land Rover, back in the day 6/7 years ago you could not give one away for 10k, now they have become the thing of love, or hate depending on if you have a understanding wife. With supply running low its time is nearly over. So why would you want a Wolf 90?. 300TDI engine one of the best engines ever fitted to a Land Rover, just ask the purisist on this one, Power steering as standard, upgraded suspsnsion plus a very very upgraded chassis unquie to the Wolf and some have winter packs, thats heated screens and rear heater in the cargo area for those who live in colder climates,and also the Wolf can wade far deeper than a Perentie just incase you are running off your landing craft, plus how cool is a soft top 90, far more pleasing on the eye that a 110.

You can if you like have a 110 Wolf and even better a 130 Wolf.

All these can be left as is or we offer a fully in house customer specific modification package.

Contact our sales team for further information and pricing


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Pricing for Wolf

By: on 22 November 2020
Hi guys what sort of money would the wolfs be? A rough price for a 90,110, and 130 would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou

Landybitz. Response
Price range $25,000 and upwards 90/110 130 $50,000


By: on 21 November 2020
Can you please show me what you have available for a 98 tdi 130 dualcab

Landybitz. Response
Hi what are you .looking for?

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