Vehicle Exportation

Australian Army Land Rover Perentie's And Civilian Land Rovers

Are you in the market for a Ex Australian Army Land Rover or even a Series Land Rover?

We are DOD approved for the export of ex-military Land Rovers and trailers, and offer a full door to door export service both to the UK, Europe Canada and USA. Landybitz have now successfully exported vehicles over the last 3 years and as such have a proven track record and expertise in this field. 

The most popular models are the 4x4 GS and 4x4 FFR, more specialist types are the RFSV long range surveillance model, the hard top survey unit, and the larger 6x6 models that like the 4x4 are unique in design. Many come with a PTO winch and all have a fully galvanized chassis.

Like most Ex army vehicles sold any where in the world, you can find good ones and bad ones, ask your Perentie supplier if they;

  1. Conduct Pre Purchase Inspections utilising a wealth of experience and knowledge of operating and manitaining Ex-army vehicles?
  2. Do they have a Inspection team in Australia, if not why don't you just buy one from there yourself?
  3. Do they know the hidden Issues these vehicles have with corrosion and mechanicals?
  4. Can they list the difference between, a utility, FFR, Survey, RFSV, SRV, Carryall, Snr Commander, Ambulance, Pioneer, Air Defense?
  5. Can they explain specifically why one RFSV sold for AUD$8500 and another AUD$17500, and why the first one was worth AUD$22000?

We would never purchase a Ex UK MOD Land Rover unseen, so would you buy a Perentie unseen without dealing with a team with appropriate knowledge and experience?

Many vehicles present well, yet even the rebuilds can suffer from extensive corrosion.

Our team of staff, can provide history and insight in these ex-military vehicles. We stock a wide range of Perentie spare parts, canvas products, filters, body panels trim etc. and offer full rebuild or modification services; including, power steering conversions, turbos, roll cages and air condtioning units.

Please contact LandyBitz for further details, we don't just sell Perenties we own our own collection and are passionate about them.