New Discovery 3/4 Accessories

Author: Brad Pitt   Date Posted:9 December 2020 

Huge Range of D3/4 Products. Fitting avaiable at our Gold Coast Show Room.


Wheels Brakes and Drivetrain

    •    TF152 8"x18" Steel wheels  (Direct fit with 320 & 340mm brake discs, requires TF303 with 360mm brake discs on D4)

    •    265/65 R18 BFG All Terrain T/A tyres (some trimming may be required)

    •    TF303 30mm alloy wheel spacers

    •    TF651GD D3/ TF652GD D4 Stainless steel braded brake hoses

    •    LR019618/LR051626* Front brake pads LR021316/LR055454/LR055455*  Rear brake pads         (Apply P suffix for Terrafirma Performance pads and TF suffix for Terrafirma Premium Ceramic pads)








Suspension and Steering

    •    TF261/TF262 D3/D4 Standard ride height air to coil conversion kit

    •    TF263/TF264 D3/D4 +2" Lifted ride height air to coil conversion kit

    •    TF946 Polyurethane suspension arm bush kit. (Polyurethane bushes also stocked individually)

    •    TF221 Air suspension height sensor lift rods 2" lift






    •    TF097 Discrete winch mount

    •    TF3301 A12000 12000lbs electric  winch (A full range of Terrafirma  recovery equipment is also available)

    •    TF828 D3/TF829 D4 Front underbody guard

    •    TF830 Transmission guard

    •    VUB501200 D3/VPLAP0008 D4 Headlamp guards

    •    VUB501380 D3/VPLAP0009 D4 Taillight guards

    •    TF818 Rock sliders with tree bars

    •    TF755 Tow bar security bracket





    •    TF972 Roof rack

    •    TF973 Rear ladder

    •    TF1040 Raised air intake

    •    TF662 4 door wind deflectors

    •    TF053 Swing away spare wheel carrier




    •    TF705 25w 1800lm LED roof rack lights (pair)

    •    TF719 Wilderness scene down lighter LED light

    •    TF7005 12 cree 8" 3240Lm LED light bar (pair)

    •    TF7010 D3 LED grille light kit

    •    TF7006 D4 up to 2014/TF7008 D4 2014 on LED grille light kit




Interior & Performance

    •    GI219 Waterproof seat covers

    •    LR006401 Boot liner

    •    TFEGR06 D3 Tdv6 up to and inc. 6a VIN number EGR removal kit

    •    TF740 Blue D3 Tdv6 Silicone intercooler hoses

    •    TF564 D3 Tdv6 ‘De cat’ exhaust  down pipe

    •    TF391 Performance foam air filter

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