Huge Genuine Accessories Sale

Author: Justin Burton   Date Posted:24 January 2018 

We have big discounts on a number of Defender Genuine Accssories 

This is a limited time offer and limited stock offer.  Some items have upto 50% of RRP


From Roof Racks To Floor Mats

Have a look at the list below and contact us to order.


LR025862 Gloss Black Sawtooth 7x16 $350 each


VPLDP0105 Winch Bumper $650


VPLPP0060 A Frame Protection Bar Non Winch $870


VPLPP0061 A Frame Protection Bar Winch $900


VPLDS0241 Carpet Mats Eboney with Silver Ingot Logo Front And Rear.$146


VPLDS0240 Carpet Mats Eboney with Silver Ingot Logo Front 90 $100


VPLDS0239 Cubby Box Locking Leather Lid $460


VPLDR0161 Expedition Roof Rack 90 $1150.00


STC7632 Defender Rear folding Step $140


VPLDW0001YCM Defender 16 inch Dual Spoke Alloy $350.00


VPLDV0001 Front Lighting Pack With Headlamp Levelling $765


VPLD0002 Front Lighting Pack With Headlamp $999.00


HLD501084emc G4 Decal Kit $55


STC7561Headlamp Protector Defender/Perentie $95.00


vplds0247  Defender Side Window Guards 110 Load Area $550


STC50448 Defender RH Rear Lamp Guard Hinged $105


345985 Light Guard Front Fixed Series 2A Late Series 3 Defender $152 Pair Galvanised


VUB504110 Fixed Lamp Guard Series Galvanised $170


STC8056 HCPU Rear Lamp Guards $185


vpldb0131 Land Rover Bonnet Letters Says LAND ROVER Gloss Back $88


vpldb0129 Land Rover Grille Badge Silver LTD $95


LR005615 90 Rear Cargo Mat $185


LR005040 Defender 110 with 3rd row seats rear cargo mat.  $199


LR005613 Defender 110 Rear Cargo Mat $250


STC8843AA Locking Wheel Nut Kit $160 


RTC9535 Defender/Perentie Steel Locking Nuts $150


STC7889 Defender Rear Wheel Cover Hard  Moulded $225.00


LR008361 SVX Headlamp/Grille Upgrade Kit $1135


RTC9479 Defender/County Front Mudflaps $110


VPLDV0103 PIAA Driving Lamp Kit $450


LR008383 Snorkle $800


STC50417 Rear Ladder/STC50448 Light Guard LH Kit $325


LR008975 LED Rear Fog Lamp Lens $115


LR009792 LED Clear Indicator Lens $65


LR008982 LED Reverse Lens $235


LR008913 LED Stop Tail $175


VPLDP0003 Front Ribbed Steering Guard Alloy $450.00


LR005081Defender 110 Rear Cargo Rigid Load Space Protector $235.00



Page Two


LR005041 Defender 110 2nd Row Floor Mats $110.00


LR005042 Defender 130 2nd Row Floor Mats $145.00


VPLDS0147 Defender Puma Front Rubber Mat $119.00


LR008375 110 SW/DC Side Steps $850


LR008379 90 Side Steps $710


VPLDP0067 Twin Tube Side Step 110SW/DC $670


VPLDP0068 Twin Tube Side Step 90 $600


VPLDP0006 Twin Tube Stainless Side Step 90 $598


STC7582 Sports Bat Roof $270


AGP710010 Rear LH Ladder 2 Section $300


VPLDB0146LKH Door Decal Union Jack Flag Corris Grey And Same in Santorini Black $360 each


STC8485AA Vinyl Wheel Cover 205 And 600 R16 Tyres $165


STC7665AA Vinyl Wheel Cover 235 R16 $165


STC8487AA Vinyl Wheel Cover 265 R16 $165


STC8488AA Vinyl Wheel Cover 7.5 R16 $165


ANR2391MNH Alloy Wheel Centre Cap $12


LR005242 Puma 2007 Onwards Wing Chequre Plate Black $360.00


LR005230 Puma 2007 Onwards Wing Chequre Plate Silver $360.00


RTC8921AA Rear Work Lamp $137


VPLDV0061 ZEON Bulb Upgrade Kit $50


RAA622 Black BullBar $1199


RAA622s Silver Bullbar $1199


RAA605 Silver 90 HD Side Steps $650


RAA607 Tow Bar 110/130 Chassis Cab $326


RAA608 Tow Bar Wagon Hard Top/Pick Ups $370


RAA623 Tow Bar Kit 90 $340.00


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