Defender Rear Air Conditioning Units

Author: The Camel   Date Posted:11 October 2020 



Defender Rear Air Conditioning Units

Heres a sneek view of our 2021 launch Defender Rear Seat Air Conditiong Unit

The front systems do very little to keep the 2nd row seating area cool, and this unit effectivley doubles the output of the front system. Tested in the UAE they have perfomed well with the high heat.


Cup holders vents and USB points will be standard as will the leather trim (  Pictured is the near complete prototype V2 )RRP is yet to be conrimed but will be in the region of $5000

Works with all in dash units ( Puma 2007 - 2016 ) Under dash TD5/300/200 TDI 90/110/130 variiants.

Fitting will also be avaiable for customers in SE QLD and the Nothern Rovers Area NSW.






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